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Genuine Parts & Accessories

Genuine Parts & Accessories

Genuine Yamaha Parts and Accessories are the Number 1 Choice when maintaining or personalising any Yamaha product because they are specifically developed and designed in conjunction with the product.
At Yamaha, we pride ourselves on our class leading outboard motors and generators ensuring our Genuine Parts and Accessories provide performance and protection to meet the highest standards. Our philosophy is the quality of Yamaha models is maintained through the quality of the parts that make up the Yamaha product.

Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine Yamaha Spare Parts is the only choice for maintaining your Yamaha product. By purchasing Genuine Yamaha Parts, you can be assured that your motor whether it’s a land or marine product will run smoothly and will perform at a maximum level. Whether you need an oil filter, gear oil, anodes or propeller, it only makes sense to get the part that was designed for use in the original assembly of your Yamaha. Genuine Yamaha Parts are designed by engineers who put countless hours into testing for durability and performance.

Make sure you give your Yamaha the best treatment with Genuine Yamaha Parts.

Genuine Accessories

Once you decide to invest in a quality Yamaha product, thought needs to be directed to how best you may be able to make use of Yamaha’s range of genuine accessories to personalise your new purchase or in the case of our outboard’s, make them even more “fit for purpose” for a particular application.

Genuine Yamaha Accessories are developed at the same time as the Yamaha product they are destined for with our accessory engineers working closely with the factory engineers to ensure the highest standards for fitment, quality and durability as used for factory production of genuine replacement parts.

Yamaha offers a quality guarantee with our genuine accessories range in the form of an extended warranty period. Simply by purchasing Genuine Bolt on Accessories from a Yamaha dealer and having them fitted by the dealer at the time of new motorcycle purchase, you are eligible to receive the same warranty as that of the outboards you have purchased. In addition to this when purchasing your new motorcycle using Yamaha’s own finance company (YMF) you may include on your finance contract an unlimited amount of Yamaha genuine accessories.

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