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F250 DES

Next generation control, next generation integration, next generation styling, original reliability.

Yamaha’s all-new, V6 Offshore series takes the proven 4.2 litre engine platform to the next level by incorporating technological advancements previously only seen on Yamaha’s flagship V8 425hp XTO models. The new V6 offshore models pack serious offshore grunt and refined engine features in equal measure.

The new F250 DES not only looks good with it’s more aggressive styling and choice of traditional Yamaha Grey or all new pearlescent white colours, but this engine has been designed to be completely integrated in to the boats power, steering and control systems. To achieve this, Yamaha has included built in Digital Electric Steering (DES) in this model. This new DES system delivers extreme precision and smoothness and is a huge advancement in boat control. When combined with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX control system, these engine packages deliver boating and fishing experience unlike any else on the water.

For the first time event, Yamaha’s Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust system is now available in this engine, delivering increased prop grip and thrust for improved maneuvering in docking situations and for reversing up to your next big catch. Another cool feature is the new TotalTilt™ system which allows the outboard to fully tilt up and down from any position, with a simple double push of the Up or Down Tilt buttons. This not only makes operation easier, but the new mounting bracket system allows the engine to sit higher out of the water when not in use, for improved long-term durability and protection.



Engine Type
24 Valve DOHC with VCT Direct Action 60° – V6
Bore x Stroke (mm)
96 x 96
Fuel Tank Capacity (l)
Displacement (cc)
Recommended Maximum RPM
Fuel Management
Lubrication System
Alternator Output
12V-70A with Rectifier Regulator
Gear Ratio
1.75 : 1 (Counter Rotating Prop Available)
Starter System
Operation Method
Digital Electronic Control (DEC) & Digital Electric Steering (DES)
Trim and Tilt Method
Power Trim & Tilt with TotalTilt™
Digital Gauges
Command Link Gauges


Transom Height (mm [inch])
X: 640 [25.2] | U: 767 [30.2]
Dry Weight (kg)
X: 288 | U: 294


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