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Service & Maintenance

Genuine Service & Maintenance

Owning a Yamaha product not only gives you legendary quality and reliability, you are also able to call on every Yamaha dealer’s expertise, the full range of Genuine Parts and Accessories, and the large range of Yamalube of oils and lubricants. The Australia-wide network of official Yamaha dealers should be your only choice for looking after the servicing of your Yamaha product – always insist on Yamalube oils and lubricants. Should any components need replacing, fitting Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories will ensure the quality of your Yamaha is maintained. Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories, as well as Yamalube oils and lubricants, are the only products tested and approved by the engineers that build the Yamahas you enjoy.
Regular servicing and correct maintenance are vital in ensuring you will be enjoying your Yamaha for many years to come. Correct service and maintenance helps keep you safe and increases overall reliability. Yamaha’s technicians have received world-recognised training that focuses exclusively on our product range. Most have many years of experience not only working with Yamaha products but also being proud owners themselves.

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